1. Information

    This site is not to be used to include employment opportunities—it is purely for classifieds only list. Please go to jobs4physios.com.au for employment options.

    The APA recommends the use of Google Chrome or Firefox browser as preferred platform. Microsoft Explorer can also be used.

  2. Hours of operation

    The Classifieds4physio site is operated from Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am – 5.00pm. APA staff responsible for the site need to manually register members and non-members and then approve ads for release to the site once they have been verified and paid. This approach is taken to ensure members are receiving the correct pricing and that there is no materials/content being released to the site which may bring the APA into disrepute. Thank you for your understanding.

    Listing of ads is not available on Victorian public holidays.

  3. How to log-in and register?

    3A. How to Register?

    1. First you must register on the system. Please click the register button on the top right of the site

    2. Complete the registration form (all fields) and then press register

    3. The APA will then approve your registration and set you up an either a member or non member

    4. You will receive an email confirming this approval from the APA – please save your password in a safe place as the APA cannot access your account.

    3B. How to Log-in

    1. Once you have registered an account and you want to log in to the system again, simply click on the Log in button (no need to register again).

    If you need more information, please refer to this instruction sheet.


  4. Advertisement Price

    For APA members -         AU$132.00 (includes GST)

    For Non-APA members - AU$264.00 (includes GST)

    Ad's will be live for 60 days

  5. Editing

    • You can go into your account at any time and change your profile by clicking Edit Profile tab from the drop down box (blue button located in the top tool bar) – this is your personal information

    • Editing your ad – this can be completed at any time. Once a change is made the APA will receive notification and then needs to approve the new content (this is to ensure that the ad is in line with APA standards and requirements) and once approved your ad will re-appear.

    Editing Process

    • Type in https://www.classifieds4physios.com.au/oc-panel/myads in the browser section OR go to the blue box (top right of screen) and click on My Advertisements from the drop down box

    • Click the “update” button which is the second one from the left

    • Proceed to make your updates/changes

    • Click publish

    • Wait for the APA to approve the revised ad contents

    • Your ad will then re-appear.

    • Please note that your 60 day listing is still valid from your original listing date.


  6. Search

    You can enter a word within the search bar at the top of the site which will link to any available data attached to your search word. The APA would recommend searching by classifieds categories or location.

  7. Payment gateway

    The APA uses Stripe as the secure payment gateway. No credit card details are stored by the APA. Please refer to the attached for further information: https://stripe.com/au

    Please note that we only accept: American Express, Master Card and VISA. We do not accept PAYPAL as a payment option

  8. Post an ad

    1. Click on the “Post Ad” button

    2. This will take you to the “Publish new advertisement page – please complete all sections

    3. Your price will automatically be loaded (GST inclusive)

    3.1 Please put 0 for a negotiable price

    4. You can load up to five images—up to 5MB

    5. Website will remain as www.classifieds4physios.com.au

    6. Press ‘Post ad’

    - Payment

    1. You will be taken to the checkout page which provides you with a copy of your order

    2. Pay now via Pay with Credit Card and follow the instructions

    3. Once payment is complete, ad will be forwarded to the APA for authentication

    4. An email will be sent to you advising that the ad is ready to go live

    5. APA authenticates the ad and another email will be forwarded and you will be able to view your ad on the site

    6. Your order will be listed within your profile/your payments

    For more detailed information, please see the instruction below


  9. Display

    1. The ad will be listed in the appropriate category, which can be accessed via the APA homepage or by the location tab on the right hand side.

    2. Latest ads are displayed in the banner section at the bottom and will progressively move as new ads are loaded onto the site.

  10. Duration and expiry

    1. The ad will be listed for 60 days and will automatically expire at the end of this time and you will receive an email notification three days before it is due to expire 

    2. You will be responsible for re-listing the ad as you will need to pay for ad initially before re-listing

    3. If your product or service, sells within the 60 day period, no refund will be issued by the APA

    4. Once your ad automatically expires and you choose not to re-list, you will be also notified via email

  11. Renewing and Expired Ads

    Please note that the APA database does store expired ads and it is possible to reload the same ad. You will receive notification 5 days before your ad is due to expire and if you want to reload, then please make contact via: [email protected]. The APA will then authorise and make the ad, available for payment, please go to your My Payments section and proceed to finalise the order and the APA will then receive notification and authorise ad to go live for another 60 days.

  12. Homepage

    To access the Classifieds4Physios homepage, please click on the APA banner at the top left of the page.

  13. Legal / Privacy

    Please click on the links at the bottom of the screen for this information.

  14. Locums

    Physios available for short term work periods, and have requested their details to be available on the site, can be contacted by clicking on the message button or alternatively called via the mobile phone number provided.